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The ability to speak a foreign language is a superpower!
The benefits are immeasurable and it has a huge physiological and emotional impact on people.
Let us help you to learn the language faster!

Sky Rocket Your Skills

Immerse yourself in real-life situations to create memories
in the language and pick up a language naturally.

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“It’s been great to get back into the swing of things in a low-pressure environment that educates as you go. Highly recommend!”


“Learning in context really helped to embed the vocabulary.”


“I have not only learnt a language but I have also gained an insight into the culture whilst having fun!”


“Excellent sense of what you need and when you need it. We shift naturally between grammar and conversation and Sarah is really pushed me with my reading. Basically I love it!!!”


“A fantastic service and flawless entertainment! It was a great opportunity to practise some French, meet new people and have some fun.”


“I can only say good things: I feel genuinely more motivated, eager to learn day-by-day and less shy to try even if I make mistakes.”

Too busy to learn a language? Book a 30-minute lesson before work, after work or even during your lunch break.

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Get Involved with the Language

The more time you spend surrounded by language, the more you absorb the language easily.